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A New Publisher to Watch Out for: Ology Science

Ology Science


There’s a new open-access publisher in town, and its name is Ology Science. I fear that the publisher may have a connection with the notorious publisher called OMICS International.

Ology Science launched with ten broad, bio-medical sciences journals. Most of the titles are similar to many journals already being published by other publishers, but one title that stood out to me was this one:

Journal of Oral Surgica Acta

This is such a strange title for a journal — it seems overly-contrived. I can just imagine someone asking, “Say, have you read my latest article in the Journal of Oral Surgica Acta?”

Response: “No.”

The evidence that points to a possible connection to OMICS International is the language and style of their spam email. The journals are currently recruiting editorial board members (no work required). Here’s a spam editorial board solicitation from them that was forwarded to me:

Journal of Food Science and Nutraceuticals

Dear Dr. [Retracted],

Greetings for the day!!!!

Journal of Food Science and Nutraceuticals publishes quality articles with the support from scientists like you. We are aware of your reputation for quality research and trust worthiness in the field of “Food Science” and that is why you have been chosen as an Editorial Board Member for our Journal.

We assure you International quality and standards of our articles published in our journal, using state-of-the-art prominent reviewers and editorial board. We also assure you of our best cooperation always.

If you are interested, we request you to send a recent passport size photo (JPEG format), CV, Biography (150 words) and Research Interests for our records.

We look forward to a close and long lasting scientific relationship for the benefit of scientific community.

With kind regards,
Candy Alice
Editorial Assistant
Managing Editor

The spam email is pandering, smarmy, and full of errors. The name at the end is fictitious, like everything else about this publisher and OMICS as well.

Ology Science gives this as their headquarters address:

Dripping Springs Dr.,
Plano, TX

You can't hide!

3620 Dripping Springs Drive in Plano, Texas: You can’t hide!

That address corresponds to — you guessed it — a dwelling.

The domain name data for the website is blinded, and my best guess is that the publisher is really based in Hyderabad, India, home to many exploitative open-access publishers.

The two journals missing from Ology Science’s fleet are two whose fields best reflect the publisher’s experience: Path-ology and Crimin-ology.

UPDATE: There is another new publisher that is also spamming using the language and style of OMICS’ spam emails.  Its name is Excelytics Publishers, and it lunched with four medical journals and one materials science journal. I would recommend deleting or ignoring any spam you receive from this new publisher.

Hat tip: Amanda Ferguson


List of Ology Science journals as of 2016-04-01:

  1. Journal of Asthma and Allergy Research
  2. Journal of Diagnostic and Cardiology Research
  3. Journal of Experimental Pain Management
  4. Journal of Food Science and Nutraceuticals
  5. Journal of Neurology and Neuroinformatics
  6. Journal of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  7. Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging
  8. Journal of Oral Surgica Acta
  9. Journal of Pediatrics and Healthcare Nursing
  10. Journal of Personalized NanoMedicine

List of Excelytics Publishers journals as of 2016-04-02:

  1. Insights in Cancer Research
  2. Cellular Immunology & Immunotherapeutics
  3. Trends in HIV/AIDS
  4. Insights in Medical Science
  5. Trends in Nanotechnology & Material Science


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