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Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing

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    Guest blog post by Dr. Ali Mobasheri, University of Nottingham Oxford, also known as the “City of Dreaming Spires” (the term coined by poet Matthew Arnold) is a beautiful university town in the UK. It is my Alma Mater and the place that I spent four happy years in during my PhD work. Unfortunately, this […]


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    Summary: A reader of my blog alerted me to significant word-for-word plagiarism in an article published in Springer’s journal Scientometrics. I analyzed the article and confirmed plagiarism. I reported the plagiarism to the journal’s editor, András Schubert, but he responded with a condescending email dismissing the plagiarism as unimportant. The article in question is: Akhmat, […]

    denverjeffreydddScientometricsScientometricsAndrás SchubertdenverjeffreydddScientometricsScientometricsAndrás Schubert

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    It appears that a scholarly paper was submitted and accepted before the research it reports on was actually completed. The article, published in December, 2013, is this: Izetbegovic, Sebija. (2013). Occurrence of ABO and RhD incompatibility with Rh negative mothers. Materia Socio Medica 25(4), 255-258. The article’s first page lists the dates it was received, […]

    denverjeffreyAvicena PUblisherAvicena PublisherAvicena 3Avicena PublisherdenverjeffreyAvicena PUblisherAvicena PublisherAvicena 3Avicena Publisher

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    Research India Publications (also misspelled as Research India Publication) is a massive subscription publisher based in Delhi, India. It publishes over 180 journals, and you have to pay if you want to read them — or publish in them. That’s correct — this is a toll-access (subscription) publisher that also charges authors to publish in […]

    denverjeffreyResearch India PublicationsNot true!denverjeffreyResearch India PublicationsNot true!

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    I have added a third list to this blog, and it is called Misleading Metrics. The purpose of the new list is to alert researchers to bogus metrics companies that have emerged over about the past year. Predatory publishers use these metrics to make their journals look legitimate. The metrics companies’ customers are the predatory […]

    denverjeffreyMisleading MetricsInternational Journal of Research in Advent TechnologydenverjeffreyMisleading MetricsInternational Journal of Research in Advent Technology

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    A blog called The Equation reported recently that two U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) officials used flawed models to determine the range of the American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) and then used a predatory journal to publish their findings, perhaps hoping to make the flawed models appear scientific. The blog, published by the Union […]

    denverjeffreyAmerican burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus)ddddenverjeffreyAmerican burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus)ddd

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    Yesterday I added one of the worst scholarly publishers ever to my list, the Council for Innovative Research. The only innovative thing about this dangerous publisher is the number of different ways it tries to fool people into thinking it’s a legitimate publisher. Here is a selection: It uses an impressive-sounding name to trick people. […]

    denverjeffreyCouncil for Innovative ResearchCouncil for Innovative ResearchCouncil for Innovative Research threearxivdenverjeffreyCouncil for Innovative ResearchCouncil for Innovative ResearchCouncil for Innovative Research threearxiv

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    There is a new class of scholarly journal. These journals are not open-access. You can’t purchase their articles individually. Individuals cannot subscribe to them. The only way to access their content is through a very small number of academic libraries. I call these Super Closed Access Journals. Their purpose is clearly not scholarly communication, for […]

    denverjeffreyTuran SenguderdenverjeffreyTuran Senguder

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      The purpose of this blog post is to warn scholars to avoid having any association with Avens Publishing Group. By this I mean: don’t serve on their editorial boards, don’t submit papers to the firm’s journals, and don’t agree to review any papers for them. When this publisher first appeared, it listed this contact […]

    denverjeffreyAvens Publishing GroupAvens Publishing Group headquartersdenverjeffreyAvens Publishing GroupAvens Publishing Group headquarters

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      This 2012 editorial, “On information thermodynamics and scale invariance in fluid dynamics” was published in OMICS Publishing Group’s Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis.  Two scientists found the editorial incorrect and misleading and set out to correct the scholarly record. They composed a response and submitted it to the journal, but they found the journal’s […]

    denverjeffreyOMICS Publishing Group's Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis.arXiv articledenverjeffreyOMICS Publishing Group's Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis.arXiv article

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    This article, “Changes in confirmed plus borderline cases of congenital hypothyroidism in California as a function of environmental fallout from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown” was published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics, a journal published by Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP), a publisher included on my list of questionable publishers.  The article reports that fallout from […]

    denverjeffreyChanges in confirmed plus borderline cases of congenital hypothyroidism in California as a function of environmental fallout from the Fukushima nuclear meltdownSCIRPSCIRPddddenverjeffreyChanges in confirmed plus borderline cases of congenital hypothyroidism in California as a function of environmental fallout from the Fukushima nuclear meltdownSCIRPSCIRPddd

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    The Polish journal Sylwan has been hijacked — sort of. Unlike previous journal hijackings, in this case the legitimate journal has a website, and a bogus website pretends to be the journal’s English edition. The authentic journal is in Polish and published in Poland. The hijacked version of the website purports to be the “English […]

    denverjeffreySylwan Sylwan SylwandenverjeffreySylwan Sylwan Sylwan

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    New Questionable Publisher I recently added the new publisher called Webcrawler Journals to my list of questionable publishers. Like many questionable publishers, this one is not transparent about where it is based. My guess is Nigeria, because many of the publishers from there have strange names and hide their locations. Webcrawler Journals launched with nine […]

    denverjeffreyWebcrawler JournalsFalse feathersdenverjeffreyWebcrawler JournalsFalse feathers

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    I’ve recently been alerted to several phishing attempts that involve scholarly open-access journals.  The phishing attempts try to lure scholars into submitting papers without ever visiting the publisher’s website. One example, illustrated above, involves people misrepresenting themselves as the publisher Elsevier. They aim to conduct all business through email, so they will never direct a […]

    denverjeffreyPhishing PhishingdenverjeffreyPhishing Phishing

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    There is no slowdown in the number of new, questionable, and low quality gold open-access publishers appearing and offering their services to scholarly authors. Here I describe one of the latest, Imprints Open Access. This publisher launched very recently. I became aware of it because a researcher at my University’s health sciences campus was a […]

    denverjeffreyImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessdenverjeffreyImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessImprints Open AccessImprints Open Access

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    Bogus metrics companies have made it possible for essentially any journal to have an “impact factor.” However, because true impact factor information — the data supplied by Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports — is proprietary, it can be hard to verify publisher impact factor claims The competition among predatory publishers is increasing, especially among the […]

    denverjeffreydddSpamDirectory of Indexing and Impact FactorDirectory of Indexing and Impact Factor twodenverjeffreydddSpamDirectory of Indexing and Impact FactorDirectory of Indexing and Impact Factor two

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    The Spanish journal Afinidad has been hijacked. Someone has set up a fake website for the journal and is soliciting submissions and payments from the authors in accordance with the gold open-access model.  The journal deals with the topic of chemical affinity and is published by La Asociación de Químicos e Ingenieros del Institut Químic […]

    denverjeffreyAfinidadAfinidad baddenverjeffreyAfinidadAfinidad bad

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    I have added European Scientific Journal to my list, as well as a bunch of brand-new journals just launched by the journal’s publisher, the European Scientific Institute.  I have received many inquiries about this journal, with most of them asking why it wasn’t on my list. The emails I received pointed out the journal’s weaknesses, […]

    denverjeffreyEuropean Science Journals[From:]European Science JournalCape VerdedenverjeffreyEuropean Science Journals[From:]European Science JournalCape Verde

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      A highly questionable publisher with the silly name “MedCrave” launched in April, 2014. I have added it to my list of questionable journals and recommend against joining their editorial boards and against submitting papers. This publisher appears to be a new brand created by OMICS Publishing Group of Hyderabad, India.  There is nothing on […]

    denverjeffreyMedCrave logoMedCrave contact informationMedCrave MedCrave FAQ blundersdenverjeffreyMedCrave logoMedCrave contact informationMedCrave MedCrave FAQ blunders

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  • 06/10/14--08:08: De Gruyter Journal Hijacked
  • Chemical and Process Engineering is a scholarly journal published by the German company De Gruyter for the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). A duplicate website has recently appeared for the journal, and it looks like another case of journal hijacking. Hijacked journal: Authentic journal: The duplicate website does not use volume numbers; it […]

    denverjeffreyChemical and Process Engineering (suspect)Chemical and Process EngineeringdenverjeffreyChemical and Process Engineering (suspect)Chemical and Process Engineering

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