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Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing

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    Copernicus Publications is an open-access publisher based in Göttingen, Germany. It is not on my list of predatory publishers. However, I do have some serious concerns with Copernicus Publications. Specifically, there are some problems with Copernicus Publications’ journal Pattern Recognition in Physics. The problems are these: The journal’s editor-in-chief, Sid-Ali Ouadfeul, who works for the […]

    denverjeffreyPattern Recognition in Physics-2Pattern Recognition in Physics-3Pattern Recognition in Physics-4Pattern Recognition in Physics-5The journal's cover page.denverjeffreyPattern Recognition in Physics-2Pattern Recognition in Physics-3Pattern Recognition in Physics-4Pattern Recognition in Physics-5The journal's cover page.

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    OMICS Publishing Group has once again provided evidence that it is merely a scholarly vanity press. OMICS just published a paper entitled, “Prevalence of Autism is Positively Associated with the Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes, but Negatively Associated with the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes, Implication for the Etiology of the Autism Epidemic” The paper […]

    denverjeffreyOMICS Pseudo-sciencedenverjeffreyOMICS Pseudo-science

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    It’s not uncommon for new open-access publishers in Nigeria to assign attention-grabbing names to their operations. Purple Journals is the latest of these. It joins the ranks of Wudpecker Journals and Wyno Academic Journals. Nigeria is also home to Greener Journals, so I fully expect all other colors to be claimed by future, questionable scholarly […]

    denverjeffreyPurple JournalsWill biotechnologists find this appealing?denverjeffreyPurple JournalsWill biotechnologists find this appealing?

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    Many are excited about innovative measures that purport to quantify scholarly impact at a more granular level. Called article-level metrics or ALMs, these measures depart from time-honored computations of scholarly influence such as the journal impact factor. Instead, they rely on data generated from popular sources such as social media and other generally non-scientific and […]

    denverjeffreyaltmetricsJason PriemdenverjeffreyaltmetricsJason Priem

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    The proliferation of predatory open-access publishers has created several new and expanding markets. One of these is the market for journal rankings. Because few predatory publishers are able to earn legitimate journal rankings, companies have emerged that — for a fee — award bogus impact factors to low-quality journals. Predatory publishers compete intensely among themselves […]

    denverjeffreyJournal Impact FactorGlobal impact factorUniversal Impact FactorIndex CopernicusdenverjeffreyJournal Impact FactorGlobal impact factorUniversal Impact FactorIndex Copernicus

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    The old print journal Jökull, published in Iceland since 1951, has been hijacked. The hijackers set up two bogus web sites for the journal and are accepting article submissions. In earlier blog posts, I reported the identity thefts of two print journals, namely, Archives des Sciences and Wulfenia. In a journal hijacking, the culprits target […]


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    Predatory publishers often use fake names. For example, I documented that Ashry Aly, the sole-proprietor of Ashdin Publishing, used the name “John Costa” in his spam advertising. I think he used the fake name because he knew a Western name would more likely attract article submissions — and therefore more article processing fees — than […]

    denverjeffreycaptio n 1female names 2denverjeffreycaptio n 1female names 2

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    We recently added Elyns Publishing Group to our list of questionable journals. This journal has a curious and perhaps revealing slogan. Its slogan is “Explore and Exploit.” The word “exploit” in English can often mean to take advantage of something in an abusive way. Will Elyns Publishing Group exploit its authors and readers? The publisher […]

    denverjeffreyElyns Publishing GroupElyns Publishing GroupdenverjeffreyElyns Publishing GroupElyns Publishing Group

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    This blog post reports on four brief items related to predatory publishers. 1. Journal Influence Factor We all know about the journal impact factor, but now there is a brand-new measure called the Journal Influence Factor. This factor is published by a mysterious company called “Journals Metrics.” It purports to be based in Okemos, Michigan, […]


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    A 2006 article published in the Elsevier journal Geoderma has been plagiarized at least three times, a co-author reports. The article, Mechanistic soil–landscape modelling as an approach to developing pedogenetic classifications, was originally written by University of Sydney researchers Budiman Minasny and Alex McBratney. Portions of the article are copied without attribution in the following […]


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    Today’s post consists of two emails. One is from OMICS Publishing Group to a scientist who attended an OMICS conference, and the second is the scientist’s reply to OMICS.  Email from OMICS Publishing Group Dear Dr. Jim, Greetings for the day!! We are really thankful to you for your consistent support towards the conference Genetic […]


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    Bell Press is a newly-launched scholarly open-access publisher that uses deception to make itself look like a legitimate, European, scholarly publisher. It is none of these things, however. Bell Press uses three strategies of deception to lure authors into thinking it’s an authentic scholarly publisher. First, the publisher claims to be based in Europe, but […]

    denverjeffreyBell Press logoBell PressBell Press VolumesdenverjeffreyBell Press logoBell PressBell Press Volumes

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    We recently learned that an open-access publisher will publish submitted papers in one of its journals and include a “Best Paper Award” to authors for an additional fee. The publisher’ journals, both already on my list, are these: Case Studies Journals [sic]  (it’s really a single journal) International Journal of Bio The publisher loosely refers […]

    denverjeffreyBest Paper Award for SaledenverjeffreyBest Paper Award for Sale

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    The internet and the open-access movement are enabling the publishing and proliferation of numerous pseudo-science journals. Ayurvedic medicine is an example of a bogus science that boasts an increasing number of pretend scholarly journals. Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda) is a “Traditional Hindu alternative medicine, involving balancing three bodily humours of wind, bile, and phlegm” [2]. In […]

    denverjeffreyAyurvedic medicineAyurvedic pharmacydenverjeffreyAyurvedic medicineAyurvedic pharmacy

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    In its issue being released tomorrow (October 4, 2013, volume 342, p. 60-65), Science magazine is publishing a six-page article detailing a sting operation it conducted on scholarly open-access publishers. The article is entitled “Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?” It reports on a research project conducted by Science‘s John Bohannon, who wrote several versions of a […]


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    Congress Press is a brand-new scholarly open-access publisher that has launched with thirty journals. Its logo is a stylized rendering of the United States Capitol dome. The journal titles each reflect a broad coverage and all begin with the phrase “American Journal of …”. We know that when a new publisher goes out of its […]

    denverjeffreyCongress PressCongress Press Congress PressdenverjeffreyCongress PressCongress Press Congress Press

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    The publisher Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) has been sending out some very revealing spam recently. The spam emails solicit new articles and state that only 20% of the content has to be original. Global Science and Technology Forum is based in Singapore. My university — perhaps wisely — will not let me view […]

    denverjeffreyGlobal Science and Technology ForumddddenverjeffreyGlobal Science and Technology Forumddd

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    The COSMO-RS method is an advanced method for the quantitative calculation of solvation mixture thermodynamics based on quantum chemistry. It was developed by Andreas Klamt and is distributed as the software COSMOtherm by his company COSMOlogic (as well as in the form of several remakes by others). Some Nigerian researchers have used the software (without […]

    denverjeffreyCosmothermImprovement of carbon dioxide absorption technologyacetaldehydedenverjeffreyCosmothermImprovement of carbon dioxide absorption technologyacetaldehyde

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  • 10/31/13--08:00: Anger in Albania
  • Academicus (subtitle: International Scientific Journal) is a scholarly journal based in Albania. I recently added it to my list of questionable standalone journals, an action that has outraged the journal’s editor, Arta Musaraj. She called me from Albania and told me my actions were criminal. She now has others calling me pressuring me to remove […]

    denverjeffreyAcademicus:  International Scientific JournalAcademicus:  International Scientific JournalAcademicus:  International Scientific JournaldenverjeffreyAcademicus: International Scientific JournalAcademicus: International Scientific JournalAcademicus: International Scientific Journal

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    A paper published in the BioMed Central Journal Nutrition & Metabolism is a near exact match of a paper published earlier in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. The 2008 paper, “Role of cytochrome P450 in drug interactions,” is a review article purportedly written by Zakia Bibi. The article’s text matches almost exactly that […]

    denverjeffreyZakia Bibi. Clinically important pharmacokinetic drug–drug interactions: role of cytochrome P450 enzymesBioMed Central Journal Nutrition & MetabolismM. Mahmood HussaindenverjeffreyZakia Bibi. Clinically important pharmacokinetic drug–drug interactions: role of cytochrome P450 enzymesBioMed Central Journal Nutrition & MetabolismM. Mahmood Hussain

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